"Not so New" trains arrive on EMR - Jan 2020

East Midlands Railway have started to receive "new" Class 156 trains from Abellio's sister company Greater Anglia where they are being replaced by actual "New" Class 755 trains.


Prior to 2005 these 9 Cl 156 units would have worked DVL services along with most of the former EMT Cl 156 trains, but now the difference in the  passenger environment is very noticeable. 

Whilst the transferred units are presently incompatible in a number of features with the existing units, they are at least operational and their presence means the  Class153  units no longer operate as single cars.


Over in Greater Anglia the new Cl 755 units which have replaced them are suffering a number of faults in service, to such an extent that they are now known locally as "Basils" and "Sybils" (geddit?).....!   

"Be careful what you wish for" is perhaps the motto with new trains......!

FDVL 2020

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