Manchester & East Midlands Rail Action Partnership (MEMRAP)

This is a recently formed group whose aim is to press for the reopening of the Matlock-Buxton railway line.

FDVL sent a representative to the first meeting in January 2019 to understand more about their aims and objectives. 

We will attend future meetings to ensure we are aware of progress and of any issues which may impact our own objectives.

A Copy of the minutes of their Meetings can be found below

Next MEMRAP Meeting 11 - Wednesday  11th December    

Humanity House, East Wing

The Old Sunday School, New Street

Matlock DE4 3FH



More details of their outline proposals can be found in the following documents:

Presentation to Matlock Council 16 September 2019 

Midlands Development Conference 23 May 2019  and a copy of the MEMRAP  presentation 

MEMRAP Vision Document May 2019

MEMRAP Report to FDVL April 2019

Presentation to Transport for the North (TfN)

Derby University Emissions Study

Railfuture article


FDVL 2019

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