Ambergate Junction Re-modelling - Sept 2018 & Feb 2019

Network Rail has been carrying out work to relocate the junction, renew track and improve signalling at Ambergate to increase line speed through the area. The first phase of this work was carried out successfully in September - whilst Derby Resignalling work was ongoing. However, it was necessary to split the work into two phases and we are now able to confirm that dates for the second phase of work are 9-17 February 2019. 
The nature of the work involves the removal, reinstatement and commissioning of the new track/signalling and therefore means no trains will be able to operate between Matlock and Derby during this period. There will also be some changes to East Midlands Trains services between Sheffield, Derby and London. We are working closely with East Midlands Trains to finalise the train and bus plan to minimise the disruption to passengers and I will write to you again with further information as soon as it becomes available. 

NR have published a time-lapse film showing the Phase 1 work completed in Septemebr 2018 on its YouTube channel here:-

Here's a picture of the Junction soon after the 1932 remodelling when Longlands Tunnel was opened out and the new bridge over the A6 and River Derwent was constructed.

Photo Copyright: Railways Yesteryear


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