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Posted by David Billen on 09/10/2016

The East Anglian franchise has just ordered 3 and 4 car regional diesel-electric bi-modes from Stadler. These strike me as ideal future rolling stock for the Matlock service once the main line is electrified. What I don't know is if they can change mode on the move. Do the current electrification plans include a short spur from the mainline junction to Ambergate station? If it doesn't, would it be wise to lobby for one which should be cheap to provide but could widen the range of potential future rolling stock including bi-modes that could be used on the branch?

Posted by Paul Wright on 08/10/2015

There was good news for commuters from Ambergate this week. The day return fare between Ambergate and Birmingham has been reduced by a third from £33.10 to £21.80. This fare now compares favourably with the day return fare of £18.40 from Belper. The difference between the fares having been than four times the fare between Ambergate and Belper. This follows on from an invitation made to Nigel Mills MP by commuters. Mr Mills met passengers on the 0621 Matlock to Derby service on the 13 Oct 2014. One of the topics discussed was the disproportionate fare differences from stations north of Ambergate and from Belper. The fare to Birmingham was used as an example. Mr Mills subsequently raised this in a parliamentary question. An earlier invitation from commuting constituents to Patrick McLoughlin MP, who is also the Secretary of State for Transport, was declined. When questioned about the fare anomalies he defended them stating that the fare levels were set by the rail companies and only t

Posted by sara on 27/08/2015

I use this line a lot and was wondering whether there is any truth in there being larger cycle space introduced in winter? I aim to come to the meeting in October too

Posted by Richard on 29/06/2015

Hello there - I have found you as a result of my frustration about the lack of mainline passenger services passing through Belper which actually stop. Your work in attrafcting the existing services is very much appreciated, so please keep up the pressure to increase the number of through trains which actually stop - nothuing more frustrating than hurtling past your stop and knowing it'll be an hour and a bus ride before you can get back within sight of it!

Posted by Paul Wright on 02/02/2015

How long would the bustitution during the Electrification last? - A period of no more than a month should be aimed for, any longer would be unacceptable.

Posted by David Billen on 27/10/2014

I caught the train from Derby to see the last day of the Matlock Bath Illuminations on Saturday. I was waiting for the 17:50 from Derby and was worried that I wouldn't get on the train as the Derby County match had also just finished and the platform was heaving. The announcement said the train would be formed of four cars which led to murmurs of disbelief on the platform but it was true! They were needed as there were still a few standers as far as Belper (but only a handful). There were also four cars on the 2142 from Matlock Bath that was also very welcome as I doubt two cars would have coped. So well done to EMT for finding an extra couple of carriages meaning noone was left behind. Whatever happens with electrification it is important that there remains the opportunity for strengthening for peak loads from the illuminations like this.

Posted by Paul Wright on 19/10/2014

There was an early start for Nigel Mills MP on Monday 13 October when he met passengers on the 0637 from Ambergate to Derby. Topics discussed were the inflation-creating fare rises year on year. For example a season ticket from Ambergate to Belper would only cost £335 instead of £404 if rises had kept been held to salary increases. Also discussed were: Taxpayers are getting a poor deal from the Department of Transport regarding Rail Investment and expansion. Especially when considers the far far greater subsidy the road and motorway network receives. Disproportionately higher fares set by the DTp for stations For the northern stations on the DV line. E.g. Belper-Birmingham £18 return, Ambergate-Belper £33 return. overcrowding issues especially on CrossCountry trains and when EMT only run a single car. that connectivity is more important than punctuality. The need for a connecting network should be the priority. The need for new east-west lines rather than HS2. E.g C

Posted by Paul Wright on 02/08/2014

David Horne, Managing Director of East Midlands Trains, had an early start to his day when he met passengers on the 0620 Matlock to Derby service on Friday 1 August 2014. Over a breakfast of coffee and croissants a range topics of discussed and he was able to listen to passengers' comments on the present service and future plans.

Posted by Beki Howey on 12/05/2014

Congrats on the announcement for the new London service! and option to commute to Sheffield. Looking forward to trying the London service rather than changing at Derby. Next step - a return journey at the weekend!

Posted by Kathy on 23/03/2014   Email

I notice your further aims contain trying to reinstate a past franchise service. I wondered if this now extends to trying to reinstate direct London services as per the previous franchise? I understand the previous franchisee used different stock which weighed less that what EMT now use and at the time direct services had to be withdrawn due to bridge weight limits. I assume all bridges have now had work carried out to bring them up to mainline standards and be able to tolerate the current rolling stock EMT use. I believe this would be very much welcomed and well used. If I'm not mistaken,they were well used during the last franchise. I'm sure EMT could extend one journey in each direction to/from Matlock from the many that currently start/terminate at Derby?

Posted by Nick Moyes on 17/11/2013

Does anyone have any experience of how likely it is one can simply turn up with a non-folding bike and get it on a train between Derby & Matlock? I was trying to work out how practicable it would be in the event of sudded car breakdown to travel by bike. I'm ruling out reserving a place in advance, so any experiences would be welcome.

Posted by Adam Steventon on 31/10/2012

Just happened across this site. We have just moved to Belper and I definitely support a development of the train services. From next August there is a good chance I will be commuting to Sheffield and so more mainline services would be excellent. If I can help with anything let me know

Posted by Bob Steel on 11/09/2012   Email

having just bought a house in Belper, I am very disappointed to see the lack of a direct service to Sheffield, or london for that matter. I note the reference to this issue in the minutes of recent meetings and in the thread on this guestbook. Another way of looking athis might be to ask, does Chesterfield need so many trains to stop there. Chesterfield's population is about 70,000, Belper's 21,000. whereas Belper appears to get one direct service to Sheffield (very early am), Chesterfield has about 4 per HOUR! that makes over fifty a day. Is this an equitable discrepancy? Maybe the geeks at EMT can be persuaded to do the Maths and substitute the odd stop at Chesterfield fro one at Belper instead? I for one would oove to hop up to Sheffield in the evening for a few beers, but I certainly can't be bothered to troll down to Derby first. Chesterfield has two direct trains to london every hour, (about thirty per day) Belper nil all day. hardly makes sense to me?

Posted by Paul Wright on 16/06/2012

Please find below a copy of comments to the editor of the Belper News. Last week's paper 13/6/12 had an article adversely critical of the service. It was misleading. The editor asked for feedback so I obliged. I copied Geoff Errington into the article, unaware of his recent death. Please pass on my condolences to his family and friends. Regarding your request for comments about rail services through Belper. Madam, The comments regarding commuters being not informed about the engineering work at Belper Station are misleading. The notices warning about the engineering work have been displayed for several weeks and the websites have had information warning about the changes for several months. The work was carried out over the bank holiday when many commuters would have had annual leave and so would be unaffected. That such a major undertaking was carried out in such a short period is to be applauded. Whenever engineering takes place there will inevitably be disrupt

Posted by Paul Wright on 10/02/2012

Just to keep this lively topic going. Perhaps the best idea would be to turnround the service at Chesterfield utilising the slow line platform. Connections from there instead of Sheffield. The path could be xx20 being passed by the xx28 at between Belper and Ambergate.

Posted by Geoff Errington, Webmaster on 10/02/2012

Paul, Your point about people rating reliability above overall journey time is probably correct as most people in our survey did not object to an extra five minutes addded to times to serve Belper. However we still have to play by EMT's rules and convince them via their model of revenue versus journey time (hopefully we can do that). As regards an additional service Belper-Chesterfield-Dronfield-Sheffield using the Crewe + 1 unit, looking at the journey times (40 mins min) and turn around at Sheffield (10 mins min, I think you would need 2 extra units and EMT have no spare units. I suspect there would be difficulty finding additional paths at the times required

Posted by Paul Wright on 10/02/2012

Is the journey time versus revenue really valid or some wild approximation? I would suggest that the number maintained connections versus revenue was a more reliable indicator of long term sustainability. In choosing travel by train, cost, reliability, connectivity, punctuality would all out rank journey time as deciding factors probably in that order with cost being the key factor. Missed connections are far more frustrating than 5 minutes lost on overall journey time. Moreover a missed connection is far more likely to lose a passenger to other means of transport than a slightly longer journey time. I used to travel to Leicester. Journey times vary between 22 minutes to 37 minutes. These variations are not relevant. The trouble came when connections were missed by less than 1 minute. i.e. watching the Matlock train leave as your train drew in. That is what loses custom.

Posted by Paul Wright on 10/02/2012

(continued from above post) An alternative to main-line Belper stops is a Derby-Sheffield service calling at Duffield, Belper, Chesterfield, and Dronfield. (Reopen South Wingfield?) The Crewe service could be utilised to provide the units with only one extra set being required If stabling is a problem at Sheffield then the additional platform at Chesterfield on the slow lines can be used as a turn-round

Posted by Geoff Errington, Webmaster on 08/02/2012

Paul - Thanks for your comments, but nothing is guarenteed and certainly nothing by May. We first have to construct a business case that proves to EMT that they can gain more revenue by attracting extra custom at Belper, than they lose by slowing the trains down by say 5 minutes (they work to a formula which shows revenue rises as overall journey times fall). Then persuade them to do it.

Posted by Paul Wright on 01/02/2012

The Extra trains to and from Belper will be welocme. The journey time to Sheffield is over an hour and involves changes at Derby. However waiting for the francise to be reviewed is too long - how about from the May timetable change.

Posted by Alastair Morley, DVLCRP Community Rail Officer on 08/11/2011

The car park adjacent to Matlock Station is owned by Derbyshire Dales District Council. This includes the spaces marked Rail Users Only. As part of the land transfer that took place for the Cawdor Quarry development it was a condition stipulated by the Office of the Rail Regulator that 35 rail spaces were to be managed for rail users by the train operator. To enable this to happen, a lease of these spaces from Derbyshire Dales District Council to Network Rail had to take place. Due to a number of legal issues this was a very protracted process and was only completed this summer. The spaces then needed to be transferred via the Station Change process into the East Midlands Trains station lease for Matlock. This has recently been completed. East Midlands Trains are currently getting signage produced and planning management arrangements for the car park. There is no date yet confirmed when they will be managing the rail user spaces. I hope to be able to provide an update on this

Posted by Robin Lumb, FDVL and Matlock Stn Adopter on 07/11/2011

Geoff's explanation is correct but it has moved on slightly in as much as the land transfers have been completed now and Network Rail are now the owners of the 'Rail User' spaces and have leased them on to East Midlands Trains, the station and train operator. We are awaiting EMT to set up their machine but for the time being the spaces are not being controlled by anyone, so far as I know. DDDC have no authority over the spaces now and their contract car park management organisation should be ignoring the spaces. EMT intend to give a discount to rail users who buy tickets on the train but we do not understand how this will operate. Watch this space

Posted by Geoff Errington, Webmaster on 07/11/2011

The large car park is DDDC but a marked area near to Matlock Station was to be allocated to railway users with ticket machines provided by EMT. There has been a delay in transferring the ownership of the relevant area of land. I'm not sure where this process is at the moment and will enquire with the rest of the committee.

Posted by Andy Wood on 28/10/2011

Can anyone explain the car parking charges at Matlock is it DDDC or East Midland Trains?

Posted by Paul Wright on 19/10/2011

This autumn East Midlands Trains have reduced the fares from Ambergate to Leicester by about 25 per cent. This is a welcome change of heart by EMT (and The Department for Transport which set these fares). The anytime return fare is now £13.50 compared with £17.50 earlier in the year. A split fare based on Belper is now only 10p cheaper. However the fares to other destinations have not decreased. For Example a return fare to Birmingham is £27.50 whereas the split option is £19, £8.50 different. Motto _ Check the website carefully for the best option.

Posted by Paul Wright on 14/10/2011

The addition of the 0656 from Ambergate to Crewe is welcome. Your hard work has been rewarded Thank you. This should however not result in an earlier departure for the 0636 from Ambergate which connects nicely into the 0705 to Leicester and beyond and the 0706 to Birmingham and beyond. I recently travelled to Sheffield and was interested to see how many passengers used the 0727 from Belper even though there is no return journey in the evening. There is clearly a business case for the evening return. As for Sheffield/Derby passengers being inconvenienced this would be negligible compared with the common 5 to 15 minute delays of CrossCancelled services. One further point Saturday trains are frequently overcrowded. Daytime sevices are more popular on Saturdays and require two coach trains. E.g 1150 to Matlock on Saturday 1st Oct had about 20 to 30 people standing. Please keep up the good work It is much appreciated.

Posted by Geoff Errington, Webmaster on 13/10/2011

Paul Thanks for your comments which I will copy to our committee for info and reply on the issues raised.

Posted by Paul Wright on 03/10/2011

I trust the Swipe Smart cards will not become compulsory as this will involve a large increase in fares. E.g Currently the Anytime Return fare between Ambergate and Leicester is £13.40. (This is made up of a return to Belper at £2.20 and a return of £11.20 Belper to South Wigston( Cheaper than Leicester itself)) With swipe cards a through fare of £17.50 would be charged, £4.10 more. This is the case for a lot of fares from stations north of Belper. A split ticket at Belper is a lot cheaper. Swipe cards will result in passengers paying more. Surprisingly however a ticket from Matlock to Manchester is £5 cheaper than a ticket from Derby. This shows you need to look around for the best deal. The East Midlands website does not give the cheapest fare despite its claims.

Posted by Geoff (FDVL Webmaster) on 08/04/2011

Paul, The land you are referring to will be owned by Network Rail, I will pass your request to one of our of committee who will know where best to contact in that organisation.

Posted by Paul Cotton on 28/03/2011   Email

Dear Friends, I am contacting you for advice please? I am a Governor at Ambergate Primary School, and in this capacity I have volunteered to seek your help in improving road safety on Newbridge Road. Following the recent fatality on the A6 Governors met to discuss the issue. I have proposed that we ask if the disused railway land can be borrowed for safer parking. The Matlock and Sheffield lines converge just south of the Newbridge road brige and tunnel. Between these is a triangle of unused land approximately 150 meters long. I would like to know if an arrangement could be made to move the access gate into this land, fencing off enough of the triangle to provide parking. I ask if you have suitable contacts within East Midlands Railways and any advice regarding how I should request this please? If I could get the use agreed, I am sure I could work out how to rais the funding of a new fence and a car friendly surface. We could then yellow chevron out Newbridge road and provid

Posted by David (FDVL Committee) on 20/11/2010

Hello Nick - Thanks for your comments. We are aware that the Sunday service is increasingly popular with passengers from Nottingham, Beeston, & Long Eaton - especially as it is reliable now (not a bus replacement as many years ago!). We are interested to get reports of usage/loadings on a Sunday and feed back on the timetable. Keep us posted on what you see. When Peak Rail get clearance to run into the main Matlock station and the necessary work is completed they will hopefully try to create connections into the Nottingham service.

Posted by Nick on 18/11/2010

Hi My wife and I and friends often travel from Nottingham to Matlock or other stations to go out for a day walk in the peaks. The service is vastly improved and we'd like to say thanks to everyone involved in campaigning. A couple of things that could be improved - we wonder if there's a case for adding an extra 17.38 train back from Matlock on sundays like there is mon-sat, as that is a very popular time for people to return home from a day out. We think EMT might make money on that one. The other issue is that Peak Rail doesn't connect at all well with the main line trains. Wouldn't it be great if the peak rail timetable was such that there was a decent connection? But the last steam train back from Rowsley to Matlock makes you just miss the 16.38 back. I emailed peak rail but never got an answer. You'd think peak rail would get more passengers if it connected

Posted by TRANSFER FROM OLD SITE on 17/08/2010

(DAVID - FDVL COMMITTEE) There are no plans (as far as we are aware) for a Ticket Machine at Matlock Bath.

Posted by TRANSFER FROM OLD SITE on 17/08/2010

(DAVID - FDVL COMMITTEE) Ben, EMT are obviously aware of the situation & recently had a bid for 2 additional 2 car trains for Matlock & Crewe services rejected by the Department for Transport (DfT). Other ideas we have floated are for the trains to be shuffled during the quiet parts of the day so that peak hour services are operated by 2 car trains or alternatively could the 17:18 Sheffield service leave a few minutes earlier and call additionally at Belper to relieve pressure on the 16:50. Have you asked your prospective Parliamentary candidates about their views on improving the service?

Posted by TRANSFER FROM OLD SITE on 17/08/2010

(BEN 18/04/10) Sorry to double post but also is there any plans for a Matlock Bath Ticket Machine as this would be a huge help Thanks!

Posted by TRANSFER FROM OLD SITE on 17/08/2010

(BEN 18/04/10) Hi FDVL!! I am a frequent traveler on the "East Midlands Matlock-Derby" Service. As i am on this service every day i get to be on the train a lot and one of the things that is most annoying is the amazing amount of overcrowding that happens on the 4:50 PM train. This is a particularly busy service as there are a lot of people who are coming and going from college,work etc. The problem with this service is that they only use 1 Carriage instead of 2. Which is a pain because they have to put all of us into this tiny space and its annoying for a lot of the customers. Is there anything that EMT are going to do about the Overcrowding on this service!? Thank You

Posted by TRANSFER FROM OLD SITE on 17/08/2010

(DAVID - FDVL COMMITTEE) Andy, the data from the DVL Community Rail Partnershp passenger survey in October 2009 finally went for analysis in the middle of March. It is being analysed by Derbyshire County Council and their equipment has been in use extensively for other County Council work for several months - hence the delay. We'll post the results as soon as they are available

Posted by TRANSFER FROM OLD SITE on 17/08/2010

(ANDY WOOD 27/03/10) I took part in your recent survey will you be publishing your results?

Posted by TRANSFER FROM OLD SITE on 17/08/2010

(DAVID - FDVL COMMITTEE) Thanks Sally, we are very pleased to hear your positive comments on station. All branch stations have weekly visits by EMT's mobile team who keep them tidy. The Station Adopter at Belper (who is a member of FDVL) keeps an eye on things and has raised the issue of the algae coated Sign before and I'm sure will also have seen the graffiti. He'll make sure it gets followed up. Sally - The Belper station sign & the path to Field Lane are both Network Rail property. I have reported both problems to the NR Helpline - Geoff Errington (Station adopter, Belper)

Posted by TRANSFER FROM OLD SITE on 17/08/2010

(SALLY MCINTOSH 21/11/09) I visited Belper station recently and was very impressed with the improvements, including the new ticket machine - the station looks very neat and tidy. However, I wondered whether you would know who to contact about getting: a) The red & white Belper sign at the entrance cleaned, and b) The graffiti along the footpath to Filed Lane cleaned off. It seems a shame for visitors to the area to walk into this when the station itself gives such a good first impression.

Posted by TRANSFER FROM OLD SITE on 17/08/2010

(DAVID - FDVL COMMITTEE) Nicholas: We are aware that the ticket machines at Matlock & Belper are presently unable to issue discounted tickets to holders of Derbyshire Gold cards and other discount cards. EMT are also aware and have indicated that they are looking to see if such ticket types can be programmed. Until this is done, we have suggested they make it clear on the machine. Ticketing issues are regularly on the minutes of our meetings which are posted at the station or on our website, so you can follow progress there. EMT have also said that Conductors can sell discounted tickets on the trains (originally some train crew were refusing). The presence of a refurbished unit is a short term bonus - the line from Boston to Skegness is closed for maintenance in October so EMT are able to re-diagram their train sets to meet demand. I'll forward your comments to EMT.

Posted by TRANSFER FROM OLD SITE on 17/08/2010

(NICHOLAS ATKINSON 0710/09) The new ticket machine at Matlock station does not allow one to use a Derbyshire Gold card to get the half-price fares within Derbyshire and to Nottingham. We theefore had to buy tickets on the train (0937 ex Matlock yesterday) and had to tell the conductor that the machine had this defect. She appeared to be unaware of the situation (but did give us the half-price ticket). I reported the matter to the County Concil's public transport section today. They were unaware that the machine had been installed! Apart from that, the trains were, as usual, excellent. We even had what appeared to be a brand-new two-car unit on the 1318 ex Nottingham.

Posted by TRANSFER FROM OLD SITE on 17/08/2010

(DAVID - FDVL COMMITTEE) Thank you Bernie & Brian, for letting us know of your experience of the train service. We'll pass your positive comment on to East Midlands Trains, who hopefully will make your forthcoming journey to London as enjoyable. We are hoping they will improve the connections at Derby onto the London service so you won't have to go to Chesterfield.

Posted by TRANSFER FROM OLD SITE on 17/08/2010

(BERNIE & BRIAN 06/10/09) Just because we had four hours to waste in Matlock, we decided to try a train ride from there to wherever it went to; we now know! We both had Derbysshire Gold Cards which we used in part payment. This was Bernie's first trip on a train, and Brian was a regular rider until he had a major accident two years ago. We found everything to a good standard, the carriage was clean and the ticket collector friendly and polite. We had lunch in NOTTINGHAM in the cafe near to where the train stopped, and that was ideal too. Then we returned to Matlock on the same train , happily chatting to some real friendly people along the way back. To end, we will do it several times again next year; we have no complaints, and thank all the staff we came into contact with. As a result next month we are both going to take another train to London, this time from Chesterfield. Good wishes to the company running the service, which we both felt was an excellent service for the money we

Posted by TRANSFER FROM OLD SITE on 17/08/2010

(ROBIN PIERCE 0610/09) Thanks David for your reply! I have recently set up a design business in Belper and i think the bridge at whatstandwell and cromford station house are really well done! Not too sure about Matlock Station but I wont say anymore... If there are any plans for a re-furbishment i'd love to get involved!! Thanks

Posted by TRANSFER FROM OLD SITE on 17/08/2010

(PAUL WRIGHT 06/10/09) 6 October Tried to catch the 6-37am to Derby with onward connections to Leicester and South Wigston. This is the only train of the day which allows an arrival before 10am (7-57am). The 6-37 never turned up and there were no tannoy announcements. The help line does not connect to Derby station but to somewhere thousands of miles away. The first enquiry brought the response that the train had already gone (not correct) and a second enquiry brought the response that there is no such train (again incorrect). Well it was back to the car and two hours driving through endless roadworks and a prepaid ticket unused. Could EMT link their helpline to Derby station so that we can get useful information. Linking it to a call-centre abroad where the operator knows nothing and tells you a pack of rubbish does not save money it loses you money hand over fist as passengers are lost.

Posted by TRANSFER FROM OLD SITE on 17/08/2010

(DAVID - FDVL COMMITTEE) Hello Robin. The station buildings at Matlock Bath are "listed" and are occupied by the Derbyshire Wildlife Trust, who until a few years ago ran them as a visitor centre. The Community Rail Partnership for the line have invited them to speak about their plans for the buildings at the next CRP meeting, so we'll let you know in due course.

Posted by TRANSFER FROM OLD SITE on 17/08/2010

(ROBIN PIERCE 28/09/09) Hi I live in Ambergate and i'm intrigued by Matlock Baths station building. Last time i was there it was all shut-up up and was wondering if anyone knew of any plans for the building?? I think it would make a rather good restaurant because i feel matlock bath has an abundance of chipshops and not many romantic/more up-market establishments. Apart from that its in a perfect location to be a public attraction/museum or info centre. Robin Pierce

Posted by TRANSFER FROM OLD SITE on 17/08/2010

(GEOFF - FDVL COMMITTEE) Thomas - thanks for your comments. The loop was well used earlier in the year for Network Rail engineering trains - see News item for 17 Jan. Who knows, one of these years it might form the first stage of a restored link through the Peak? Sorry about the weather, you were a week too early!

Posted by TRANSFER FROM OLD SITE on 17/08/2010

(THOMAS ALLEN 03/09/09) Took a ride Derby to Matlock and back today. Both trains very lightly loaded but it was off-peak! Has that very well-laid run round loop to the north of Matlock station ever been used? It does look a bit over the top for such a small operation. All credit to your group for the obvious work that is going towards the well being of this line and its stations. Now can you please do something about the weather?

Posted by TRANSFER FROM OLD SITE on 17/08/2010

(DAVID - FDVL COMMITTEE)Paul - thanks for posting further examples of the problems now being experienced, and which we had flagged up with EMT last year when the details emerged of which trains sets would be used for the Dec 2008 timetable. We have passed your comments to EMT together with some suggestions for the Dec 2009 timetable which they may like to consider and which potentially could alleviate the overcrowding in the peak periods. We'll post any responses in due course

Posted by TRANSFER FROM OLD SITE on 17/08/2010

(PAUL WRIGHT 15/08/09)I catch the weekday 1754 ex Derby which is a single car train. Overcrowding on these 75 seater trains is a significant problem. Getting a seat is not always possible. [On Friday 31 July the train was so full that passengers with luggage were refused at Belper (Justifiably considering the loading).] The majority of the passengers travel between Derby and Duffield and Belper. So to allieviate the loading on the 1754 why not let the 1728 to Sheffield call also at Duffield and Belper. Moreover why was the day's service provided only by one-car trains on Saturday 1 Aug - when Derby was playing Stoke. The 1144 ex Matlock was packed to the gunnels at Ambergate so when about 40 passengers joined at Belper I can't think were they managed to stand. (I alighted wishing only to go to Belper) I would think there was no chance for Duffield passengers. EMT knew that the match would generate more passengers as the guard mentioned that the North Staffs line trains had been s

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