Timetable Correspondence

FDVL is in close contact with the East Midlands Franchise holder, both on an ad-hoc basis and as an official consultee for the timetable changes in May and December. This page will hold the main items of correspondence with respect recent timetable changes.


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 FDVL comments to EMT May 2009 consultation timetable (Nov 2008)  FDVL_comments_May_2009_consultation_TT.doc
 EMT consultation response (12/02/09)  May_2009_TT_EMT_response.pdf
 Reply from FDVL Chairman to John Hillman, EMT (18/02/09)  FDVL_Chairman_reply_180209.doc
 Letter from EMT to Patrick Mcloughlin MP on skip-stops (21/04/09) - Pages 1 & 2 (poor scan)

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 Letter from EMT on 21st May 2009 announcing all-stations hourly service from 

 FDVL response to EMT on Dec 2009 timetable


EMR Consultation on Dec 2020 Timetable   - Document

FDVL Response to Dec 2020 Consultation - Here

FDVL 2020

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