EMT Launch Vision for Rail in the East Midlands -2016

A document "East Midlands: A Railway for Growth" sets out high level priorities to improve rail services in the short to medium-term and continue driving faster economic growth for the East Midlands region. 

This document has been developed by East Midlands Trains with input from local authorities, major businesses, universities, tourism companies and a range of other key stakeholders across East Midlands, Lincolnshire, Northamptonshire and South Yorkshire. 

The document can be found HERE

The recommendations included in the report aim
  • to deliver real benefit and meet stakeholder aspirations including: 
  • The procurement of a new fleet of Intercity style (bi-mode) trains to replace the 40-year old High Speed Trains; 
  • Faster journey times and more seats to London; 
  •  A firm plan agreed to secure additional carriages on regional train routes across Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire and Leicestershire and between Norwich and Liverpool; 
  •  Later evening trains and improved weekend services; 
  •  Improved northbound connectivity from Luton, Bedford and Northamptonshire; and 
  •  Better airport connections. 

"There have been a wide range of improvements to rail services in this region over the past few years, driven by East Midlands Trains working in partnership with Network Rail and key stakeholders including more services, faster journey times, improved stations, more reliable trains and an all round better customer experience."

"The Government is currently developing plans for the next East Midlands franchise which is due to start in 2018, a key part of which will be a public and stakeholder consultation. However, we are now at a critical crossroads for rail services in the East Midlands and the message from local stakeholders is very clear: if we are to build on the big progress made in recent years, we need action now to ensure communities and the economy in the East Midlands benefit from further improvements and we don't lose out to other regions." 

EMT are holding their annual Stakeholder Conference on Tuesday 8 November between 9am and 4pm in Nottingham.

FDVL will be attending, along with the Derwent Valley CRP officials.

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