Matlock's New Mural Unveiled


On 7 November local dignitaries celebrated the completion of the new Matlock Mural which depicts many of the distinctive features of Matlock. It has transformed the ugly and stained concrete walls alongside Derwent Way from an eyesore into an artwork.  The 250 metre long walls had been built alongside Derwent Way (the main A6 road through the town) and extending over the bridge into Cawdor Way as part of the Sainsbury's development. 

The unveiling ceremony was the culmination of several years of work and recognises the collaborative effort necessary to achieve this transformation.  For several years Matlock Civic Association (MCA) had been seeking to improve the stark concrete wall which was becoming progressively more depressing.  Several ideas were discussed but only one - the painting of a mural - proved possible.  MCA then secured the formal consents from four different authorities and commissioned Peter Barber, a local Mural Artist, to do the work.

You can read a Press release   Here    and more about the project with pictures Here

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