New Growth seen on Derwent Valley Line


Summer 2013 saw some eye catching growth on the Derwent Valley Line ....and it's not just passenger growth that that's been the feature. 
Thanks to funding from the Community Rail Small Grants Fund and the Designated Community Rail Development Fund (both managed by ACoRP) the CRP Partership Officer Alastair Morley spearheaded the transformation of stations by the installation of 500 plants into new troughs, barrels and hanging baskets. He was helped at each station by the local adopters and by EMT staff....who also have the ongoing task of tending the plants.

               Ambergate - previously spartan but now resplendent with 9 hayrack troughs and 6 barrels
 Cromford - following the efforts of the EMT Staff Challenge, now has 5 troughs and 4 barrels  
                   Duffield - already with planters well tended by members of EVR now has 5 additional troughs
 Matlock - the previous "floral leader" with several planters now supplemented by 4 troughs and 4 hanging baskets   
                    Matlock Bath - recently improved by the new Station Adoption team now has a further 3 troughs.
 Whatstandwell - its planters now supplemented  by 5 troughs.   

Belper of course has seen it's "gardens" transformed by the efforts of Transition Belper who have adopted the station and the plantings of 2012 & 2013 should realy blossom in 2014.

Sadly, Derby is the poor relation - consigned to plastic flowers in hanging baskets which are lost in the roof structures !


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