Local MP's briefed on additional Belper Mainline Stops document

FDVL Commitee members met with local MP's Pauline Latham (Mid Derbyshire) and Nigel Mills (Amber Valley) to brief them on the case for the stopping of additional mainline trains at Belper.


They were given copies of FDVL's Consultation document, produced following on-train surveys and enquiries of local groups in 2011/12.
The key points and potential benefits were highlighted and a very useful discussion followed. FDVL reminded them about the major improvement to the local service which has occurred during the EMT Franchise, with a significant increase in patronage and in satisfaction. 

Both Pauline & Nigel agreed to support the case and take it forward.  FDVL would now be briefing Local Authorities and other bodies.

Copies of the Consultation Document are available on the website HERE

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