Nottingham Station - Major Developments - 2013-14


Major Developments are taking place at Nottingham Station during 2013-14.

There will be major disruption to train services into Nottingham during the period 20 July to 25 August.

Details of how this will affect your journeys, and more information can be found on the East Midlands Trains website here

  Resignalling & Remodelling
The station will be closed from 
20 July 2013 until 25 August 2013
whilst Network Rail carry out works to redesign, resignal and relay the tracks to improve reliability, and make the railway better able to cope with the increasing numbers of passengers

Passenger Facilities
Work is currently underway to improve the concourse and "porte cochere" to make it much more attractive to passengers. Due to be completed by Dec 2013. The platform buildings and surfaces will also be refurbished. 
Tram Interchange
A new bridge carrying the new NET tram lines across the station is being installed during 2013 and by the end of 2014 the station will be a significant transport "Hub". 

More pictures of the station in April 2013.

                            Station Concourse stripped pending refurbishment  works.
                     Present track layout at the east end of the station  
                   Present track layout at the West end of the station
Tracks through the station. The second one from the left will be removed in the remodelling and the right hand one will be truncated near to end of the canopy. The platform beyond it will then be extended outwards so that trains on the track 2nd from the right can stop at a platform.  
               Nottingham will at last lose its former "Regional Railways" style nameboards.
Is it the last EMT managed station to still retain the old style nameboards?
NET tram leaving Nottingham Station Terminus for Hucknall. When works are completed the trams will be able to run in the opposite direction to Clifton & Chilwell  

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