A6 Crash Barriers - Duffield    February 2013


12 years ago In February 2001 a vehicle & trailer crashed onto the East Coast  railway line at Great Heck near Selby. It was hit by an express train to London which derailed and was shortly afterwards itself struck by a northbound freight train. 10 people died and 52 were seriously injured. Following the incident the Highways Authority identified a handful of bridges where there was a risk of a similar incident. 

Following a recent review and risk assessment by Network Rail of sites where road traffic could fall onto the railway. The A6 bridge came high on the priority list.

Work is being done by Derbyshire CC to install crash barriers on two of the approaches to the bridge carrying the A6 over the main railway line. 
  Only 2 of the 4 sides are being protected - the ones on the SE and NW approaches (i.e. the inside curves of the road) . These have been identified as the ones where the road is closest to the railway below and therefore posing the greatest risk to railway traffic. 
Any vehicle crashing through either of the other approaches (outer curves) is considered not to pose a threat to trains below as the vehicle would more likely be deflected by the parapet into the field/rough areas at the side of the railway.   

As well as barriers, the road on the bridge is being re-surfaced - as are the A6 bridges at Belper Goods and just north of the River Gardens rresulting a series ov overnight road closures between the 4th and the 14th March

More information on the accident at Great Heck can be found here


The Department for Transport's document on safety assessment is here


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