Snow ? ....'sno problem !      21st January 2013



Despite overnight snowfalls on Sunday night, EMT ran thier normal M-F service on Monday morning 21st January with only minor delays to some trains. 
Matty, the "Station Maintenance man" and Customer Service Manager Eddie worked their way up the branch clearing platforms and approaches.    


 Here they've made a good job on the ramp at Belper .

 ..and also on the platforms.



 Next for the treatment it's Ambergate

 ..with thanks from those passengers who made the effort to walk to the station. 

But it's not all good news !



The cold and wet has forced up the "tactile slabs" creating a nasty trip hazard when alighting or boarding.  Still, it's now been logged as a job for urgent attention.
 Hopefully it won't be as big a job as the Duffield platform (see News Item 60)

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