New Timetable 10 Dec 2012 - 18 May 2013

The new Timtable came into effect on 10 December. Only a few minor changes have been made

  • departures from Matlock revert to xx:36 now the Leaf fall season is over and trains run 1 min later as far as Ambergate.
  • all departures from Derby during the day M-F are now at xx:50 , except the 11:54 which runs 4 mins later throughout.
  • the early morning trains revert to normal following engineering works

However to accommodate further Engineering works, there are some changes to the last two Weekday evening trains between 11 Feb and 22 Mar (Mon - Fri). During this period :- 


  • The 20:56 from Derby will terminate at Ambergate with a connecting bus service for stations to Matlock
  • The 22:16 from Derby will not run. A replacement bus service will depart at 22;16 for all stations to Matlock (arr 23:16) 


  • The 21:39 train from Matlock will not run. A replacement bus will depart Matlock at 20:59 and will connect into the train at Ambergate (which will depart at 21:30 )
  • The 22:55 train from Matlock will not run. A replacement bus will depart Matlock at 22:25 (arr Derby at 23:20)

Also on Sundays from 26 March until 12 May

  • The 09:22 & 11:22 trains from Nottingham to Derby will be replaced by bus services departing Nottingham, at 08:45 & 10:45. Trains from Derby to Matlock will run at the normal times.
  • The 10:39 departure from Matlock will terminate at Derby, with a bus service to stations to Nottingham (arr 12:29) 

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