29 Nov 2011 - Improvements in Customer Information Systems

Whilst East Midlands Trains have achieved a high standard of service reliability on the Derwent Valley Line, on the occasions when things have gone wrong, they have not always communicated delays to waiting customers well. This has not been helped by the life expired public address system on the branch.

So it is good to report that EMT are now completing a major installation of new customer information systems and all stations should have working PA shortly, with trains announced automatically at set intervals before departure. 
The announcements are driven by real-time information on train movements on the main line, so any delays of inbound workings should be automatically picked up and reported over the PA

For outward workings from Matlock, any delays on the previous inward working will be taken into account and a three minute turn-round time at Matlock factored in to estimate any delays on the outward working for announcement down the line.

The opportunity has been taken to install new digital train departure screens on both platforms at Belper (pictured)

Read the East Midlands Trains News Release


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