May/June 2011 - Peak Rail extends into Matlock Station - Progress Reports

Contractors working for Peak Rail have now laid & ballasted track into the disused Platform 2 at Matlock station, the work commencing on Sunday 22nd May and finishing on 27th May. Vegetation has been cleared from the platform in preparation for raising the height of the platform in early June. Pictures of the new extension from the Network Rail Stop Board (top) to the new buffer stops are shown below, including work now started on raising the platform. Details of Peak Rail's Matlock Station Reopening Festival are available on the Peak Rail Website. Scroll to bottom for latest update 30th June.



By second week in June, work had started on raising the platform height, using stone recovered from the old goods shed. An entry to the platform is initially being created from the Sainsbury's approach path, but the longer term plans may be to connect to the 'ugly' footbridge.

30th June
Planters & lamposts (minus lamp heads) in place on Platform 2.

At the north end the gateway to Sainsbury's awaits the official opening, and the large BR sign for MATLOCK proudly announces the station to the car park and the bypass.

By sunset, the lamposts had  heads fitted and several had totems attached. Period style benches had been put in place along Platform 2

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