Further improvements to Derwent Valley connections

Following pressure from FDVL and other stakeholders, East Midlands Trains have advised us that they plan to retime the current 21:50 service from Derby to Matlock on Saturdays to depart Derby at 22:16. This will provide a connection from the 20.25 service from St Pancras on Saturdays. This improvement is planned for the next timetable change on 12 December 2010.

This is one more in the list of service improvements achieved by working with East Midlands Trains since the start of the new franchise:

* New hourly timetable introduced (December 2008)
* Retention of the one daily main-line call at Belper, 07.27 to Sheffield (December 2008)
* Earlier arrival of 07xx departure from Matlock at Nottingham for morning commuters (May 2009)
* Stops instituted at Cromford & Whatstandwell on all services (December 2009)
* Connections now possible into the xx18 departure to St Pancras at Derby (December 2009)
* Later service St Pancras (20.25 instead of 19.55) connects into the last Derby-Matlock service M-F (May 2010)
* Same improvement to also apply on Saturdays (planned from December 2010)
* Increase in the number of services worked by 2 cars rather than 1 car
* Introduction of station adoption schemes at most stations on the line,either directly or working with other parties

Friends of the Derwent Valley Line continue to lobby for further improvements to our local services including:

* An additional morning service between from Matlock between the 06.21 and 07.36 departures.
* Additional main-line services to call at Belper, northbound morning and southbound evening to provide for commuters to Chesterfield and Sheffield
* One main-line evening service ex Derby,17xx, to call at Belper to relieve pressure on 1650 Matlock service.

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