16 Mar 09 - Matlock Car Parking Charges imposed


Due to the failure of Network Rail & Derbyshire Dales District Council to complete a lease agreement on the land, DDDC have imposed parking charges on the dedicated rail users parking bays. FDVL & the Community Rail Partnership are trying to resolve this matter with the parties concerned. me_Matlock_Station_009.jpg


me_Matlock_Station_002.jpg Until this is resolved, TICKETS MUST BE OBTAINED FROM THE DDDC PAY & DISPLAY MACHINES FOR PARKING IN THE RAIL USER SPACES. Notices to this effect have been displayed


Rail users who wish to appeal a parking fine must do so through the formal appeal process detailed on the ticket. Please enclose a copy of your train tickets to prove that you were genuinely parked there as a rail user. FDVL have been assured by the District Council that penalties issued to those in rail user spaces prior to 13th March may be cancelled on receipt of evidence of rail travel on the corresponding day


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