4 Jan 08 - Site Meeting at Matlock Footbridge


Ian Ambrose, Chairman FDVL arranged a site meeting on 4th January 2008 at the recently constructed footbridge at Matlock station providing access to the new Sainsbury’s, to review what options are open to the respective parties for future solutions. The site meeting was attended by Jerry Swift (Network Rail), Neil Buxton (Association of Community Rail Partnerships), Ken Parker (Matlock Civic Association), Isabella Stone (Matlock Footbridge Campaign), plus other committee members from FDVL


The solution favoured by the recent survey, a foot crossing to the north of the station, was initially suggested by FDVL on the assumption that the new loop provided at the end of the line was only to see occasional use for emergency stabling or engineering trains and that Peak Rail’s operation into the station would be completely separate and hence manageable under appropriate working procedures. The site inspection proved this to be an erroneous assumption and revealed that it would be difficult for drivers to see & stop in time in an emergency on the curve. This led FDVL to agree with Network Rail that a foot crossing for a public right of way (as opposed to a rail users access crossing) would be an inappropriate solution in this case.  


Left to Right:  Isabella Stone (Matlock Footbridge Campaign), Jerry Swift (Network Rail), Ken Parker (Matlock Civic Association) and Robin Lumb (Friends of the Derwent Valley Line) discuss the problem footbridge at Matlock Station, Friday 4th January 2008.

 Now that level crossing solution has been assessed and rejected, FDVL believe it is important that all the relevant groups review all the other options for the site to provide the most appropriate access to all locations, including the suggestion of a community transport bus link to Sainsbury's. FDVL's view is that it should be the responsibility of the Friends of Matlock Station to take the process forward, but FDVL is happy to provide support. This would fit in with our aim of improving integrated transport in the area as well as providing more useful access between station, Sainsburys and the town centre for those with mobility problems. FDVL also thank Jerry Swift from Network Rail for offering to provide assistance where required to the groups involved.  

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