19 Nov 07 - The new ('Ugly')Footbridge at Matlock Station


This page shows the current situation at Matlock station and the three options proposed by Matlock Civic Association for access to the Sainsbury's store in Matlock in place of the footbridge ramp erected in the forecourt of Matlock station.

Further details of these proposals can be viewed by clicking on the (Word) document links at the bottom of this page. 

A newly formed group of Matlock residents has just launched a petition and website in protest against what they describe as a 'monstrous' footbridge. Please visit www.matlockfootbridge.org.uk if you wish to register your support of the campaign.


Current situation - The massive ugly ramp of the new footbridge in the old vehicle access to Matlock Station.


Proposed option 1 - provision of track level crossing to Sainsbury's at north end of Matlock Station


Proposed option 2 - provision of a slender curved ramp to the new footbridge (similar to that on the Millenium Walkway at New Mills shown here)


Proposed option 3 - improved pedestrian access to the pathway to Sainsbury's (on right) from Snitterton Road.

MCA581 Covering letter[1]. Ugly Footbridge Options.doc 

 MCA580 Replacing the Ugly Footbridge at Matlock Station_2.doc

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